3 Most Common Things That Go Wrong During Weddings

We all know that there is a lot of planning involved when it comes to weddings. From the color scheme and venue to the music and food there is so much to plan for to make sure your day goes off without a hitch. It is known that no matter how much planning is involved, there is always something that will not go as planned. If you are planning your wedding you may be able to avoid these mishaps that are most common during a wedding day.


Have you ever been to a wedding when the bridesmaids start walking down the aisle, then the ring bearer, the flower girl and then there is a really long awkward pause while everyone is waiting for the bride to enter and walk down? Yeah, that is a timing mistake. This is always practiced at the rehearsal the day before the wedding but with live music involved, there is almost always an issue with the switch from the bridesmaids music, to the brides. If the music is live, you won’t be able to practice the night before (unless you pay to have them there). To try and avoid this mistake you can communicate to the band how seamless you want this transition to be. Your other option is to play one song throughout so there is not an awkward switch in the music.


This is one of the most unpredictable culprits of ruining the wedding, especially if it is outdoors. While you can’t prepare for a storm, heat wave or wind months in advance while picking your date, you can be as prepared as possible. If your wedding is outdoors, be sure to be prepared for any change in weather that might disrupt your ceremony, rehearsal or both. Be ready with a tent to cover your guests, this comes in handy for both rain or excruciating heat by blocking the sun. On the other hand, be prepared with lap blankets should your whether take a turn and become cold. In Colorado, the weather is unpredictable, in 2019 the last snow was in May so it is always best to be prepared.

Transportation & Parking

One thing that is often not accounted for when planning a wedding is parking and transportation. Be sure to make sure there is plenty of places to park or easy access to transportation. Especially if your ceremony is in a different location from the reception, you will want to make sure you have set up transportation or have directions for all of your guests.

When it comes to your wedding party, you will want to make sure to keep everyone together so you aren’t missing people when it comes to pictures, entrances or anything else. The best way to do so is make sure you have a limo, party bus or van for all your wedding party to be kept together.

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