Golf Course Etiquette

One of the most common activities in the spring and summer months in Colorado is golfing. There are many golf courses spread throughout the mountain areas as well as throughout the Denver area. For those that are just taking up the sport, it’s important to know that there is certain etiquette to be followed.

Avoid Slow Play

When playing the course it is always best to keep pace with the group that is playing in front and behind you. There is nothing more frustrating than having to slow down your game because the group in front of you is moving slowly. Here are some tips on how to stay on pace:

  • Walk a reasonable speed in between holes
  • Begin planning your shot before it is your turn at the tee
  • Limit talk to when you are walking from hole to hole

Everyone around you on the golf course will be grateful if you keep pace with everyone else.

Maintain The Course

Respecting the course is one the most common etiquettes you can perform when playing golf. If you take a shot and create a divot within the green it is encouraged to fill it in. Should there be any damage that you cannot fix with your shoe or a tool, notify the course manager before you leave the course so it can be handled as quickly as possible.


Golf is a game that requires a lot of concentration and focus which can make noise a huge distraction. Golf is often a game that is played with friends and can be a fun activity that includes beers and other alcoholic drinks along the way. Keeping the noise down is the best way to be respectful of those playing around you. It is best to keep that in mind when bringing a big group on the course.

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