A group of skiers on a bridge enjoying the thrill of skiing with their Ski Passes

Is It Worth It To Get A Ski Pass?

Whether you are an avid skier that flies in from out of town or you are a local, one always has to wonder, “Is it worth it to just get a pass, or should I pay for individual lift tickets?”. If one does get a pass, which one? Well we are here to break down the pros and cons of the different ski passes to help you make a more informed decision.

Explaining The Different Passes

  • Epic Local Pass: This pass provides full, unlimited access to over 20 mountains across Colorado, Midwest, Washington and the East Coast.
  • Epic Pass: This pass will include what is mentioned above, but also includes some international locations as well. This years pass seems to include certain runs in Australia.
  • Summit Value Pass: This pass is a big more limited than the epic passes mentioned above. With this pass you will have access to Keystone and Breckenridge with limited restrictions.
  • Epic Day Pass: This pass will cover 1-7 total days to all the resorts covered by the epic pass. This is a good option for a less avid skier or snowboarder that doesn’t expect to take advantage of the full season.

Pros & Cons Of Getting A Ski Pass

As with anything there are Pros and Cons that come along with purchasing an Epic Pass for the ski season.


Here are some of the pros of purchasing an Epic Ski Pass:

  • Access to multiple mountains across the United States.
  • Very few restrictions.
  • Some access to international mountains.
  • Unlimited ski days!


  • Expensive.
  • Not worth it to skiers that won’t take advantage of it.

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