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3 Things To Know About Vail’s Back Bowls: The Legendary Terrain

If you have a deep love for skiing and have heard of Vail, Colorado, then chances are you have heard of Vail’s back bowls. More advanced skiers will enjoy the natural basins that make the back bowl runs throughout Vail. Should you have the opportunity to ski these runs, there are some basic things that you should know!

What Is Vail’s Back Bowls?

Skiers on Vail’s back bowls will be confronted with the roughly six-mile band of boundless snow from Sun Down Bowl’s Ptarmigan Ridge east to the farthest reaches of Outer Mongolia Bowl. It is easy to see how a newcomer could get overwhelmed by the prospect of Vail’s Back Bowls, but almost everyone who has done it will tell you it is worth it!

What Terrain Can One Expect?

The hills are steep, with runs marked with black diamonds for experts dominating the landscape. If you are a beginner or don’t have much experience skiing, these are not the runs for you. Not one trail is marked with a green circle, and only one run, Poppyfields (down the middle of China Bowl), is marked blue for intermediates.

Even the cat tracks—Sleepytime, which links Sun Up, Tea Cup, and China Bowls; Silk Road, which links Mongolia, Siberia, and China Bowls; and Cloud 9 in Pete’s Bowl—are designated blue, not green, as with most other roads. Please take caution when assessing your skill level as well as those skiing with you. These runs are not recommended for children.

A woman on skis in Vail's Back Bowl on a snowy slope

How Many Different Runs Are There?

There are 7 different bowls in Vail that you can ski during your visit to the mountain.

  • Game Creek Bowl
  • Sun Down Bowl
  • Sun Up Bowl
  • Tea Cup Bowl
  • China Bowl
  • Siberia Bowl
  • Inner & Outer Magnolia Bowl

Please take care of your safety when skiing the back bowls of Vail!

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