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What Is The Best Time To Ski In Colorado?

The age old question! What is the best time to ski or snowboard in Colorado? In this article we will help break down the answer to this question. Whether you are a Colorado Resident or visiting from out of town, everyone wants to ski or snowboard under the best conditions. While weather can be unpredictable, its best to be armed with the knowledge on when might be the best time to ski or snowboard.

How The Months Differ For Skiing

Of course to properly answer this question, we have to take a look at the ski season as a whole and how each month differs from the other.

  • November: In November snowfall can often be sporadic and despite a resort’s snow-making capabilities, your ski opportunities can be fairly limited in November. During this time, you are likely to get some good pricing for resort stays, however you might be gambling on the amount of snowfall you might get. Pros: Pricing, Cons: sporadic snowfall.
  • December: In December you are likely to find the opposite of November. While there is a bit more snowfall, this is an extremely popular time for people to visit mountain resorts. Not only does this fall around the Holidays, but more people have time off from work or school. Pros: More snowfall, Cons: Holiday pricing on resorts.
  • January: January is one of the most reliable months for snowfall in Colorado. Often during this time you will also find the resorts are less crowded as everyone is back in the swing of the New Year. This brings people back to work and children back to school after the Holidays. If you can handle the cold, then layer up and enjoy the snowy slopes!
  • February: This month might just be the best time to ski or snowboard in Colorado. By this time there will be plenty of snow not unlike January, however it also shouldn’t be as cold as January.
  • March: While March is pretty similar to February when it comes to the amount of snow and temperature, it tends to be a little more busy. Colorado can be a popular spring break destination for skiers and snowboarders which can increase the crowding of the slopes.
  • April: Depending on weather conditions, snowing in April might not even be an option at certain resorts. Oftentimes resorts will close in April as it is the end of the season. However, in 2019 some resorts were open as late as July due to late snowfalls so you may be in luck!

So, When Should I Go Skiing?

Ultimately, this might come down to personal preference. If you are willing to compromise on weather for pice, November might be for you. If you want plenty of snowfall but it might be crowded and expensive, then you might consider December and January. However, as far as price, weather and how busy the mountain is – February might be your best option!

What Is The Best Way To Get To A Resort?

Again, this could come down to your personal preference. You can always rent cars, take public transport or rent a drive. At Rocky Mountain Black Car, we know that if you ride with us, your certain to enjoy the experience. Our cars pick you up from your airport and drive you directly to your destination in luxury. Call us today or book online to reserve your car.

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